gaypornaddict (gaypornaddict) wrote in water_brothers,

Ice and food

A few months ago, someone had suggested a few things I hadn't tried yet. One of them was piss ice. I finally got around to doing this. It's incredible! I love how the piss just melts in your mouth. Has anyone else done this?

I think the same person also suggested pissing inside of a watermelon that has a hole cut into it. Any food experience with piss?
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piss ice. I finally got around to doing this

'Yeppers', it is a great flavorful addition to most any beverage. It really melts in your mouth...err my mouth...whatever, our mouths. Great. Now the Melon has not (yet) been tried...but certainly sounds tasty and mighty tempting. Hum-mm...maybe a melon party and we have a Fresh-Flavor-Full Reward to those who best match the Melon-To-Owner contest.
Any suggestions for a really great drink to put the piss ice in?