Dan (danbearnyc) wrote in water_brothers,

The Power of Pee

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Gives a whole new meaning to the term "power pissing"... ;)
And power bottom.
When I wuz younger, I had a van that I crashed in, which had a leaky radiator. One afternoon, it was getting dangerously low, the heat gauge was pinned, and I was in the middle of nowhere.

So I resorted to a bottle of urine from the night before.

Eventually I got to civilization ( a shopping center) and turned the engine off. At this point, the radiator spewed out some of it's steamy guts.

I can't tell you what it smelled like, but even flies were avoiding it!
The flies avoided it, but did you meet anyone interesting?
Why, when I read that, did I suddenly have visions of Roman slaves collecting urine?

I love science.

Merci, Danbear.
And you can run my engine any time you want.

btw - LOVE the icon
Or rather with people like you and me in mind. I chose it for this occasion since it struck me that I don't have any good WS icons. I should totally fix that oversight. Thought you'd appreciate it.

Oh yeah? Anytime? Noted. Grinning occurs.

Thanks for posting.
Disco Kitty Says It's Time For Happy Dance!
I think this is a better one.

More! Bigger! Please! Oh, Yes!
A great car but a pissy-ride
Best to fill the gas tank up just after the bar closes.....
or how about "Pee OR Park...."